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Flavor enhancer that is Bagoong!

While my eyes feasted over different food  like  cold cuts,  salmon,  angus beef,  salad  and various dishes in a long buffet table at Chef Laudico’s Guevarra,    I  was more delighted  when I  found another  section   with   Bagoong,  eggplant and other green leafy vegetable.  Though  I  have a  lot  other  choices and  I  can quickly  cook   this at  home,   I  added  a portion  in my plate  as my side dish.   I just couldn’t  move on  the  long   buffet   missing  this  food  in   my   meal.

Panaligan’s and   Ernie’s   Bagoong  are among the special anchovies from Balayan.   The town  is known as manufacturer of  famous   Bagoong  in  Batangas..  Oh  I love Anchovies and I am being redundant here.   Okay!  Again,  Bagoong,  Anchovies,   whatever you may call it!

Bagoong,   Fish Sauce  or  Salted Anchovies are made of fermented fish and salt.  It may be stinky to other but   not  for me.  The  smell is heavenly.   It serves  as  flavor enhancer  in my food  that gives a  different  appetizing aroma.  It is perfect  with sili and calamansi.

My  children however find it stinky and would always  say   they   lose appetite when they smell it.    In my attempt   to have  them  loved  anchovy,   I  tried some recipes with this flavor but they didn’t  like  the  taste.  I guess their taste buds are just  different from mine.

Aside from anchovies from Balayan what I  always crave  for is Guinamos.   The last time I
had a bottle of Guinamos was like five  years  ago  and  I bought  it  at  Market Market.

Some may find it weird but I completely agree that  Guinamos  is  perfect  with  Saging na Saba.

Guinamos is  Fish  Bagoong  in Southern Visayas.

photo credit:    karlhans

Where can I  buy  Guinamos?   Hoarding  Guinamos  is not a crime so I will  buy a supply  to last  for a year or  two  just as long as  it  won’t reach   the expiration date.