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FTF #89: Rowena’s Buko Pie

We dropped by at Rowena’s Pasalubong Store before heading back to Manila from an event  in Tagaytay.  I bought  Apple Tart, Choco Tart  and my favorite Buko Pie.

I like the crust as  it’s  crispy and  fresh.  It’s unique from other buko pie  but  it’s just  too sweet for my taste.   The filling is not really tender  or  maybe, I got an old  buko coconut  meat.

It’s  quite thick than the other buko pies I’ve tasted. It looks yummy but I still prefer the taste of D’ Original.



My own verdict:  I rate Rowena’s  6/ 10.  I still prefer D’ Original from Los Banos Laguna which I gave almost a perfect score of  9/10.

Other Buko Pies I tried:

Letty’s:   7/10

Collete’s:  6/10

My two kids on the other hand like buko pie from Rowena’s.   What I like from their  product  is  Rowena’s Apple Tart.  It   tastes great.  I hardly eat  apple pie or  apple tart,   only I remember eating a  lot  of apple pie  when freshly  baked during  my  Greece’s time.  Rowena’s  apple tart  is  yummy  that you surely will  find yourself  having a  bite  after  another bite.


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The Original Buko Pie

This post might contain only a few words but rest assured that the photos here were not edited and published straight from the camera.

We headed south for a short vacation together with Mendiolables and on our way home, we happened to stop by in different known buko pie stores and here’s my short review of the best buko pie in town. And who won among Lety’s, Collete’s, The Original among others?

The photos said it all. What more could you ask for? The crust, the coconut filler and the pudding are just so yummy. I bought a few boxes for us and as pasalubong.

The Original Buko Pie from Los Banos.  The place is known for its best buko pie delicacies.