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FTF #85: Fresh Fruit Juice

It is enough to say, even without checking the info online,  that the weather  today hits the hottest temperature  as I  felt  the warm sun  kissed my  skin.   I hanged  my  laundry, did not spin it,  and it got dried up in a few minutes.

Drink  enough water or  fresh drink  to rehydrate your body.  The weather is just so draining and my head is starting  to get drained  too.   I didn’t cook much this week as we have less appetite because of the El Nino-like weather.   I  just prepared something for FTF  to refresh your body, fresh juice to cool you down.




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366 Blogger Photo Challenge

I missed my weekend entry. I stayed offline for a while because of my sore elbow. I still blog but I cut my other online activities to make sure that I have enough rest for my swollen elbow. When my schedule goes back to normal, I’ll schedule BPC in one of my sites every month or maybe a week and post it on a regular basis. Thank you so much to the host of this meme, Dhemz.

So how do you refresh yourself? Have you tried Cha Dao Milk Tea? You should! We have this during my friend’s Baby Shower Party. So refreshing! I’ll post all the details of the store and their branches when I have it in my hand.

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