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Jovit on Wowowee

Jovit’s voice just captured my heart and this page is slowly turning to show bits and flakes. Don’t be surprised if I buy a domain dedicated to Jovit. Maybe iheartjovit.com. lol. I never know that I would turn crazy and this will be the first time that I will buy a CD of his soon album to release this month of July. So guys, enjoy the video of Jovit’s opening number in Wowowee. Look at his move and his voice, he improves a lot in a very short time. I can see a very bright future for this young man. I hope his manager will handle his career well.

It’s now official! Charice has signed on to join “Glee”

It was in the news before, nearly a month ago, that Charice will join hit television show “Glee,” but Charice denied the news that she wasn’t joining the show. But now, it is official! Charice will join Glee and this is now confirmed! She will be a foreign exchange student in Glee.
Another milestone in her career! Kudos! Congratulations Charice!