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Instant Pancit Canton

Instant  Pancit Canton with siomai as topper.

Yes,  it’s  actually an  instant  Lucky Me  Pancit Canton.  (For cooking procedure, follow the steps as labeled in a pack)    I just put some cabbage and top with siomai  from nearby stall.  Tadaa..  yummy  merienda for the three of us!   I wish I could eat more of  this  rich carb snack.  Sadly, my diet is limited to more digestive friendly fibrous  food  and could only eat a half serving of this.

Problem solved!

Duh! I  have resolved the problem myself.  How  embarrassing that it only takes a simple  step  and not by editing,  deleting the whole wp-includes/js directory,   downloading the old version of WP  and extract the file.. etc etc..     My visual/ text  mode  is back!   After all the process that I’ve been through,  by  only  clearing my browser cache,  my problem was resolved.   Sometimes it really  takes  a  lot of  mistakes  and going back to simple solution to resolve the problem.

Craving for Polvoron

I call her my cousin even if I haven’t traced yet our roots. I like her vibrant personality. She’s smart and pretty. But most of all, I like best her polvoron. ‘) It just tastes so good and I swear you’ll even crave for more. Thank you Fedhz. I am now officially a big fan of the most delicious polvoron. Kids were like monster that Saturday evening and left nothing for me but one piece of polvoron.