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Big Red Barn

At Fun Ranch,  Big Red Barn serves sumptuous food meal which is readily available upon order.  Just give them ten or  a few minutes to prepare.  This is what we ordered at Big Red Barn.

After the tiring unlimited rides,  the children were  starving  and ate  as fast as they could.   They feasted over the first  to serve food like  Spaghetti and Carbonara. And all these were gone in a few minutes even the next order was yet to be served.   They liked the red spaghetti though and carbonara.

And we added cups of rice to go on with crispy chicken.


And for dieting moms, us,  because we  live a healthy life style,  we ordered  Classic Caesar  Salad. 🙂

But we ordered another family  pizza..

And fries..

These young ladies were eating like princesses..

And moms were eating like queens..

In our messy face, in messy table, all the food were gone in a flash..

Check the website www.kidsrulehere.com  or email  funranch.bigredbarn@yahoo.com  for reservations and inquiries.



Avocado Salad

My daughter prepares her own salad primarily  using her instinct  other than her source  online   without being conscious of  the  presentation and its  taste.

Salad doesn’t require an specific ingredient. It depends on your own  taste bud and how you want your salad is made.   Here is   our  avocado salad which she   prepared for  side dish using only a few ingredients.   We just put some olive oil and ground basil leaves for added flavor.

On a regular avocado salad,  herbal leaves like  basil, oregano, parsley and cilantro are included,  plus  Mozzarella cheese and sliced  onion,  garlic, and red wine .

I guess it works out for me and my daughter.  She trimmed  a bit and working out on some parts of her body that needs to be toned down.

Salad makes it more appealing with colorful ingredients like tomato cherries with green fruits  and fresh leaves.

Ala Chicken Pastel

I am not sure if this will pass the category of chicken pastel but from the looks of it, yah, it tastes and looks like, this is really chicken pastel.   You can or cannot agree with me.   I  googled the recipe and it matches  the same  ingredients, only some are missing like carrots,  green pepper and  potatoes.


Here’s my ingredients:
500 grams chicken breast, cut into bite size
3  chorizo de bilbao, sliced
1 can mushroom,
3 stalks celery, chopped
½ cup chopped bacon
4 tbsp butter
1 white onion, chopped
3 cloves garlic, minced
¾ cup evaporated milk
2 tbsp cornstarch dissolved in 3 tbsp water
salt and pepper to taste

I  was actually experimenting with the ingredients that I  only have in my fridge   and luckily found the menu.  It wasn’t as creamy as I found the image on Google but  it tastes exactly like chicken pastel.