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The Healthy Bread from Walter Bread

Thank you so much Walter Bread for bags of Super Loaf, Raisins Bread and Pandesal.


Walter Bread has been providing  Filipinos with quality bread for over 25 years now.  They offer healthy bread packed with necessary vitamins and minerals and fiber.   Check it  out in all leading supermarkets nationwide.

Banana a Day!

If you see Señorita Bananas along your way, most likely you are in Southern part of Luzon, Batangas or Tagatay. This variety of banana easily fall off from bunch.

Here are some various benefits that you will get from eating bananas regularly.

A Good Source of Potassium
Vital Vitamins and Minerals
High in Fiber
Amino acid called tryptophan
Natural solution to hangovers
As a natural antacid