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Persimon Fruit

I  may  be a fool or ignorant  if  I  say  I  that  Googled  “how to eat  Persimon.’   Yes,  but I just did.

So what?   But that’s how I wanted to make sure I  won’t  trash the part that should be eaten and eat what should be trashed.    Since New Year’s Day,  every time I see the Persimon fruit in our table,  I’d always say,   “how to eat Persimon,”  and my kids  would comment..  “Just bite it”   sounding  like, “hey mom, are you serious?”  “Ma, please..”    I know they  are  just  making  a funny comment but yeah seriously,  I  really don’t know.

In most fruits like apple, pears, chico and more, I always eat the skin  because this part  contains  fiber, except of course  the common sense of  eating pineapple and coconuts.

Anyways,  here are some informative  facts about  Persimon.

The persimmon originally  came from  Japan and China but it is now grown in Italy and other Mediterranean countries, the Middle East and the USA.

Persimmons are the edible fruit of a number of species of trees in the genus Diospyros.   In color the ripe fruit of the cultivated strains range from light yellow-orange to dark red-orange depending on the species and variety.  The ripe fruit has a high glucose content. The protein content is low, but it has a balanced protein profile.    Persimmon fruits have been put to various medicinal and chemical uses.

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