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Big Red Barn

At Fun Ranch,  Big Red Barn serves sumptuous food meal which is readily available upon order.  Just give them ten or  a few minutes to prepare.  This is what we ordered at Big Red Barn.

After the tiring unlimited rides,  the children were  starving  and ate  as fast as they could.   They feasted over the first  to serve food like  Spaghetti and Carbonara. And all these were gone in a few minutes even the next order was yet to be served.   They liked the red spaghetti though and carbonara.

And we added cups of rice to go on with crispy chicken.


And for dieting moms, us,  because we  live a healthy life style,  we ordered  Classic Caesar  Salad. 🙂

But we ordered another family  pizza..

And fries..

These young ladies were eating like princesses..

And moms were eating like queens..

In our messy face, in messy table, all the food were gone in a flash..

Check the website www.kidsrulehere.com  or email  funranch.bigredbarn@yahoo.com  for reservations and inquiries.



Pizza Overload!

Sem- break started last week for my older daughter.  Vacation also means-busy-ing herself  to  anything  like making her own pizza instead of  ordering online.  That defines happiness!

Having our  own  pizza means healthy  eating  because we could choose the toppings as much as we want,  put a lot of pine apple and  veggies with less meaty ingredients.

Se here’s our snack for today,  our own pizza overload.

Pineapple, Basil leaves, Pizza Sauce,  Olive, Hot Sauce, Bread as crust, Ham, Onion, Bell pepper, Mushroom, Ham, Quickmelt Cheese

Food Trip Friday 73: Angel’s Pizza

Have you tried Angel’s Pizza lately? You should. It tastes amazingly yummy as the number  one  pizza in town or even yummier I think.

We craved for pizza the other week. We all wanted pizza for our New Year’s food but since it was only the three of us in the house and we already have our home cooked food served on the table, we delayed our cravings and had it on the second day of New Year. We ordered Pizza combo, Fancy Aloha and Pepperoni Pizza for only P550.

We are pizza monster.  We almost finished everything in one sitting with a hot sauce and a cold soda. Our pizza combo was delivered hot and fresh. The next time we call for delivery, we’ll try Domino’s and let’s see what  hot  pizza number we’ll gonna stick in our wall.

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