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Poptalk features 24-hour breakfast places

“Poptalk”   featured three  24-hour breakfast places  (August 27 episode)  that offer different  meals.   I was one of the reviewers together with GMA celebrity,  actor and model Carl Guevarra,   and a student of  De La Salle – Saint Benilde and food enthusiast,  Nadia Lei Macaya.   Poptalk  is  a  30- minute weekly  news magazine  program  that  features places,  restaurants, gadgets  and more,  hosted by  Tonipet  Gaba.

Our first stop was Tapsilog Centrale where reviewers savored  the original,  authentic and organic  US Angus Tapa.  We then proceeded  to  Borough,  a hole in the mall   that offers    American  breakfast.  Our  last stop was  Kanto Freestyle,   a  very accessible  restaurant that offers  not only Pinoy  meal but also   western food  with its  price lowered   to  carinderia  level.


Tapsilog Centrale 
11th Jamboree cor. Kamuning Rd.
Quezon City

The above photo with  the  sign, “US  Angus Beef”  is very catchy  that  would  make one to  stop  at the restaurant to satisfy craving with its  unusual  meal.   This is the first restaurant that we reviewed which is  just near  GMA..  It is  located in the busy corner of  Jamboree and  Kamuning  streets  where  motorists,  if not always,  are  lined in  traffic.

They  offer the  best seller US  Certified Angus beef,  Wagyu Beef,  Sausages, Cakes and more.

Before we ordered the food,  I already noticed the menu chart  indicating  their special marinate that  has no MSG, no food coloring, no tenderizer and no  artificial flavor.   I ordered  Wagyu Beef  which  made me  prove   its  claim.     There was a natural taste suggesting that the meat itself is authentic and  is really  tasteful  not  because of  artificial flavor enhancers.

Salmon Steak is served with seasoned mixed vegetable.   For the price of P265,  diners would enjoy   imported Norweigan Salmon, a luxury fish,  that is very affordable wherein if you order in a  five star hotel,   the  price  is expected to be way up  higher.

Aside from Angus beef and other  Tapsilog  meal,  they also offer
tempting desserts such as Frozen Mango  Brazo de Mercedez, Classic  Sansrival and
The Dome.

They also serve  regular Tapsilog,  Pares, Porksilog, Chicksilog  for a  price  between P55 to 60.

Carl Guevarra, GMA’s actor and model with host Tonipet Gaba as they savor Angus Beef from Tapsilog Centrale.

I was quite impressed with the food servings but they served
them  in  big plates that make the food looks  a  little less.   It could mean comfortable eating for us   but for others,  it could be the  other way  around.    Nevertheless, it
was awesome and the food is flavorful even without artificial flavoring.

Frozen Mango Brazo  de  Mercedez is a delight to the eyes and even more delightful when you taste it.   This is not the typical Brazo de Mercedez  because it has Frozen Mango that puts this  dessert  into a higher level.  Salivating it is!

While for  Sansrival,   I could taste crunchy  cashew  nuts.

The Dome  is  really fantastic with its creamy nutella chocolate,  covered  with dark chocolate ganache  and surrounded with chocolate chips.


For desserts alone,  diners would really come  back for more.    It is usual  to recommend  the best seller,  the main course and what you think is  best for your own taste bud,    but  when you  recommend  the dessert in a Tapsilog resto,   that means it is really  extremely   delicious!

Overall, the food was great. However I felt  uncomfortable with the place.   Maybe because it is   literally open where pedestrians or even bystanders  can easily  get there and go.  Security is my  concern here.   On  the other  hand,   the place is a big  pop to all motorists  who  are looking  for  some kind  of   unusual  Tapsi meal.    They can just pull over onto a side street  for  a  heavy  breakfast   anytime  of  the day.

Tapsilog Centrale  got  7/9  Pop scores from reviewers.



Borough The Podium
G/F The Podium, 12 ADB Ave 
Mandaluyong City
 (02) 570-8906

Our second stop is Borough which is located inside  the mall,  The Podium.   Borough is a hole in the mall that serves breakfast  24 hours  a day.

As soon as we entered the restaurant,  I noticed  the  nice  interior design and  the ambiance that made  me feel very comfortable and relaxed.  I love the high ceiling  opposite the mezzanine floor  and I love  the smell of the restaurant.

They serve Omelet, Steak n Eggs,  Amaretto French Toast  and other  breakfast items.

Steak n Eggs is served hot.  Meat is tender  and sunny side up is  done  nicely.   I could tell it is yummy even before eating and the food  presentation  got  me  hungry  even if we just came from full  breakfast  meal.

If you are a first timer in a restaurant with a group,. try to order a different variety of food  and taste a bit of all  the food.  Check the embed Youtube  that I provided  below.  The  video with Carl Guevara at Borough says it  all.   Bagel is such a pleasure that Carl couldn’t stop eating.  Such a great food filled with yummy goodness!

Riker’s Island Breakfast, with baked beans mixed with bacon bits and sunny side up eggs  is a perfect cure for  hangover according to Chef Kaufman.   I think that it’s the runny yolk that makes the Riker’s Island more  appealing  with its   overloaded cheddar cheese topping.  Just perfect to start  a day!

Amaretto French Toast.    With Chef Cuit Kaufman,    Carl and  Tonipet  prepared  Amaretto French Toast.  The  bread was soaked in custard and toasted in butter with sliced banana,  topped with drooling amaretto caramel flambe.  The taste is heavenly.  Surprisingly,   Amaretto, by which I thought is a dessert,  is  listed as  main course in the chart menu.  The serving is so big  and could share for two or three depending on how big you could eat.     When I said yummy,   it’s  really  yummmmmy!   It is more of a  dessert for  me  and  is  perfect  with  hot coffee.

I will definitely  come back to try  their  cheesecakes and other sweets aside from this salivating  Amaretto French Toast.

Borough,  The Podium  price range between  P250 – 400  is  just  right  considering  that  I  could taste a bit of  New York’s  comfort food in our own  country.

Borough  is  a perfect place  for foodies who are craving for some food  even in the wee hours  of the morning  and yes.. any time of the day.  It is conveniently located inside The Podium but also  has separate  entrance  near the parking.

Borough  got  9/9,   perfect Pop score from  reviewers.

Kanto Freestyle Breakfast
San Joaquin St., Plainview

Mandaluyong City

According to Peter Juanchon,  Kanto Freestyle Marketing Manager,  the restaurant  opened two years ago  bringing in  western food  like pancake and  other  breakfast  item  but is priced lowered to carinderia level.    Since then it becomes phenomenal  that until the time of our  visit,    we could still see customers  lined  up  for their order.

We  ordered  the bestseller Pancake,   Beef  Tapa,  Champorado  and Eggs  Benedict.   We dined  in  from   7 to  8pm   and our  meals..  still..   yes..   BREAKFAST!

Kanto  Freestyle is very accessible to everyone.  The food presentation is quite impressive like you are dining at  fancy restaurant.

Tempting Pancake that even makes  me reach  the spoon in my own post!  This is just so inviting! Can you imagine this?  Meron nito sa KANTO!  Sarap talaga!

French Toast with Bacon and Eggs

For P60,  you ‘d   enjoy  Beef Tapa   while  Pancake for only  P90 which is  also  good for sharing.

If you are an  insta-addict, Kanto Freestyle is ka insta-instagram talaga  with  hashtag  from  Kuya Tonipet   #sabiksatsokolate  and if I may add  more  #babalikbalikan    #wowsakanto    which just fit  with  its hotel-like food presentation.   Definitely,   I will go back to try more of their  gourmet servings.

This is the typical carinderia style but in a higher level.  If you are planning to dine here, please check the Google map first  for your own convenience  and find the nearest  landmark so you won’t get lost.   But  if you are familiar in this area,  from San Joaquin St.,  you can just  hire a pedicab and ask the driver to bring you,   “sa Kanto lang po!”

Kanto Freestyle Breakfast got  9/9,   perfect score from Poptalk reviewers.

After I  watched and   reviewed  the video,  I told myself that I should just blog.    Honestly,  I had a lot more to say  during the review   but my mind thinks faster than my mouth could  speak , so  I   just  chose not to say more and  stopped.  Moreover, it  was my very first on cam and need a little more time to be at ease and  comfortable  for on  the spot review.

Let me end this post with a big THANKS   to  GMA News TV’s  POPTALK   for inviting me to be a guest reviewer in this particular episode.

Here’s the video that I embed from YOUTube of  Poptalk’s  24-Hour Breakfast last August 27. .


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Tasty Tucker

Why Tasty Tucker?  Probably,   diners would ask the same thing.  Tucker means food  from the  land  down under,  Australia.  That simplified  the question  and  WHAT THE RESTAURANT offers.  Tasty Tucker =  Tasty Food!

I always look for a restaurant that serves  only one specialty because more often than not,  a restaurant with a  variety of food usually  forget  what   they really offer.  I  would always say that a restaurant  should  stick to  one  food that they specialize   and make it the best  rather than offer everything    but  lacks  the  taste that customers are looking for.   Tasty Tuckers just  got it all.    They offer everything  from Pasta, Pizza,  Rice Cakes, Pastries  yet  all  filled with yummy goodness.

What They Offer.


Tasty Tucker serves pizza in whole or in slice like Supreme Special,
Hawaiian, All Meat, Chicken BBQ, Pepperoni, Mushroom, Margherita,
Cheese, Strombolli.

I always believed that when you review a food, you should not come in full or empty stomach  because it   would certainly affect  the way you taste the food,  thus  your  review.   So you know,  I was in the restaurant when  my tummy  was  in  good state just as good as my taste bud.

I consider  the delight of  first bite   next  to how I look at the food,  presentation that is.

Pizza was first served to us.  It was hot, not so thick and not so thin, just enough for my kind of serving.  It was  flavorful with  crumbs that  are  really tasteful.   I tasted  the authenticity of Italian Pizza with its sauce that’s  not commercially made.

Overall it was perfectly good!


Just as yummy as the best pizza house in town or should I say better and  cheesier.  You don’t need to request  to add more toppings because they are very generous in each serving.




They offer  Ham and Cheese( green and onion  salad), Roast Beef (mustard and salad), Grilled Chicken (pesto and   salad), Tuna Mayo Sandwiches, Egg and Lettuce, Aussie Meat Pie, Sausage
Roll and french fries.

The bestseller..

Sausage Roll

Aussie Meat Pie


 Grilled Chicken Pesto

Roast Beef



Beef Salpicao, Chicken Teriyaki, Sweet and Sour
Fish, Lechon Kawali, Pakbet , Beef Steak, Chicken Adobo, Lumpiang

Craving for more Pinoy food?

This is it, Pancit!

and Pandesal at its freshest.

I was overwhelmed with all the food I’ve had that day. Simply tasteful!

Tasty Tucker serves breakfast starting with Open Face Pandesal.   For only P75.00, you can have a  tasteful breakfast served with your choice of  sauteed corned beef, roast beef with mushroom gravy,  and more..

I just couldn’t wait for photo op and got a bite of Pandesal. So hot and so yummy!

Loving the Aussie way..

International Tuckers like Bulgogi Rice, Chili Con Carne, Sizzling Tofu,
Fish and Chips, Lasagna, Spaghett Meatballs, Pesto Chicken, Bolognese,
Carbonara, Chicken Parmigiana, Calamari, Gourmet Steak Sandwich.



Few of my  favorite  Cheesecakes.  Yumminess overload. Simply sinful not to taste!

Hey!  Are  you already salivating?  Wait there’s more for you.. Leave more spaces in your tummy for this goodness…



Chicken Caesar Salad, Toss Salad, Tuna Pasta  Salad, Potato Salad,TUSCAN Roasted Veg  are also available at the restaurant.



The commissary where food is  being prepared.
For art enthusiast, paintings at the wall are available for sale.


You get what you see from the outside welcome wall. Great Coffee, Excellent Service, Delicious Pastries, Sandwiches, Rice Meals, Pizza and more…

The prices are much lower than the best known restaurant. All the food is prepared by   A-team Chefs, namely Chef Peter from  Australia, Chef Eric  and Chef Liza.

Tasty Tucker is open from 9am to 8pm.  After shopping at HMR,  grab some bites at  the restaurant located inside HMR  or   simply  swing by for  a food trip with family and  friends.


Tasty Tucker
HMR, Pioneer cor Reliance St.
Mandaluyong City

Where there is HMR, there is Tasty Tucker!

HMR Sucat Paranaque
HMR Novaliches
HMR Sta. Rosa Laguna
HMR Balintawak
HMr Araneta

Soon to open:
HMR Adriatico.

DSC_0110Two thumbs!


Please check their website for more yummy updates  .Tasty Tucker Fan Page


A Veneto Pizzeria Ristorante

Finally after Venice Piazza,  I dined with my two girls in  Italy.  Yes,   we  dined  in  a locally  inspired Italian restaurant.

Before we went to grand launch  of  Cocina Centrale in Pampanga, we stopped by at A Veneto Pizzeria Ristorante.    By the name of restaurant itself,  you would think about  Italian food and expect different  pastas  or  saucy  food.   The staff offered us menu but since we were in a rush to catch the bus off  to leave in 20 minutes, we settled for quick-to-prepare food and that is sandwich.   They advised us that it will take 15 minutes to prepare and even we’re not done yet with the order, the staff  advanced the order at the counter.   Too quick,  in less than ten minutes, our order was served.

They offer big servings good enough  for  sharing  for   small  eaters like us. Since we’re heading to a food trip in Pampanga,  we just took some  quick bite, leaving more spaces  in our tummy for another food trip.  We just  assumed that travel time  would make our tummy hungry.

We saw only a few diners as it was  not a peak hour for  the restaurant.

And  we’re heading to another food trip.   Can you imagine how  happy our tummies  were that day?

Nothing’s really fancy in the restaurant or maybe we’re just expecting too much of the establishment with  its name that sounds  like serving authentic Italian food.  I wouldn’t want to be biased because I haven’t tasted all their food yet, so I could only speak for  their sandwich, giving 7/10 for the taste.  The fries as side dish look  like they have been stored and frozen   for many days.   The price is   good enough  just  below  P300  for a full meal  for  the  three of  us.   They are quick in  getting  orders  done  and the staff were all  accommodating.   Two thumbs up to the staff who assisted us but  I felt sorry for not getting their names for credit.

A Veneto Pizzeria Ristorante is located at Trinoma, Quezon City.