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Carbonara Pasta Rcipe

I lost track of my update that I have to check my old post  if this has already been published. I missed my list of my  draft and  pending posts.

It’s just as easy again like cooking my old recipe pasta and mixing all the ingredients.

Cream, Ham or  Tuna, Pasta, Mushroom.


That’s it. I’ll post a more detailed cooking procedure when I’m not really busy..err, not really busy,  was just having  a lazy day.

Just a simple reminder. Always use good cheese and top it with some herbs like Basil Leaves.  It  makes a whole lot of  difference.

Pizza Overload!

Sem- break started last week for my older daughter.  Vacation also means-busy-ing herself  to  anything  like making her own pizza instead of  ordering online.  That defines happiness!

Having our  own  pizza means healthy  eating  because we could choose the toppings as much as we want,  put a lot of pine apple and  veggies with less meaty ingredients.

Se here’s our snack for today,  our own pizza overload.

Pineapple, Basil leaves, Pizza Sauce,  Olive, Hot Sauce, Bread as crust, Ham, Onion, Bell pepper, Mushroom, Ham, Quickmelt Cheese

Apple Mango


an apple with mango taste or a mango that looks like an apple in  appearance,  whatever..

We used to have an apple mango tree in front of our house when I was a kid. My father planted the tree and I guess he had a green thumb that even when the tree was very young, it  already bears a lot of fruit.   At that time,  it was always  noticed  by  neighborhood  and passers by because of its  fruit  with  pinkish and apple like  color.

We  love  the apple mango  tree but not the fruit.  We were not really interested to harvest  because we don’t like the taste at all. Yes, we eat, but it’s not our  favorite fruit,  as we  find it  dull   for  our taste bud.

It was just some years ago  when we decided to cut down the tree  as the old folks  said that it gave us bad luck  based from Feng Shui,  and  that  a sour tree is never  good planted  in  front of the house.  if only  I could  turn back the time,   I wouldn’t  have  let  them  cut  the tree.   Poor  tree, my  children would have enjoyed the fruit  and  the shade   would  have provided a cooler temperature   especially during  summer.

The taste of  apple mango  gives me a different taste like a medicinal herb.    I would always  prefer a  ripe carabao mango.  However when unripe, I liked it better as it isn’t  as sour as carabao.  I can eat  it without shrimp paste or salt.

A  few days ago,  I bought a kilo of  apple mango. Surprisingly,  I like the taste now.   Do  taste buds  change?  I guess, yes!   I find  it sweeter now just as much  as  carabao.