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Cupcakes that are too pretty to eat!

All these amazingly delicious and colorful cupcakes  of   variety  flavors   was a feast for my eyes.     Too colorful,  pretty and beautiful too eat. But  these creations were not  made for nothing  because   Cupcakes by Sonja   partnered  with  Move.org  for a cause,   by supporting the non-profit group  in feeding programs.

Visit the newest branch of  Cupcakes by Sonja at the East Wing of Shangri-La Plaza Mall.  They offer delicious desserts  and also customized orders to customers so, take a time and relax  with cupcakes while sipping in  hot coffee with a friend.   It’s a delicious  treat for  a  #SweetCause.



Baker’s Dozen brings sweet and yummy treats to Power Plant Mall

The Baker’s Dozen,  Power Plant Mall’s all-time favorite pastry fest,  is  back this August to excite and delight shoppers at the heart of fashionable Manila.
Make a beeline for the Concourse Level’s South Wing (near True Value)  every weekend of August for your cupcake fix, cake pasalubong or an exciting, new discovery.

Choose from a variety of sweet endings:

Iya’s many-flavored soft Jumbo Pastillas, The Flour Girl’s variety of mouth-watering cupcakes, The Sweet Life by Ange’s cute-as-a-button cakepops, Costa Brava’s classic caramel cake, Hey Gourmet’s ensaymadas topped with gooey goodness, CHOCOatbp.’s tablea chocolate bars and rum cakes, The Noodle Bakes’ rich and delicious gateaux and cakes, and Cru Kitchen’s wide variety of cookies and Belgian brownies, and Sweet Pick’s tasty mini cheesecakes. All these temptations are there for the tasting and taking.

But wait, there’s more. Monsees Catering and popular gourmet
breadsticks, Joyce’s Homemade Foods’ award-winning pastries, dishes and
queso de bola chips, plus Baked by Anita’s Wild Mushrooms &
Gruyere with White Truffle Oil pocket pies are also there to sweeten the

Indulge your foodie side and take on the offerings of
the much-awaited Baker’s Dozen at the Power Plant Mall. For more
information visit http://www.facebook.com/PowerPlantMall or call

FTF # 96: New York Chessecake

It has been awhile since I had my cheesecake.  Aside from the calories that a cheesecake has, it’s too sweet for my taste.  I haven’t tried baking  one and thought about  just buying at available store when we crave.  I hope the next time I post here,  it would be my own baked cheesecake according to my preference, not too sweet or cheesy, just enough for our cravings.  My daughters craved for cheesecake so I bought a few slices.  They requested  for  Cheesecake, Etc  but there is no available store near us.  I settled for a local one, New York Cheese from Festival.  The taste is comparable to cheesecake  from Krispy Kreme.


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