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Adobo in my system

Proven and tested that adobo should be our Pambansang Ulam, at least in my opinion. Idon’t usually repeat  the same dish even in two consecutive meal. If I have a left over food, I would keep them in a fridge for the next day and not as dish for the next meal.

But Adobo made a history. Here’s the trivia. Did you know that we survived adobo for four  consecutive meals.  I swear I wouldn’t cook the same dish at least for a month or until there is no more trace of Adobo in my system. Not kidding, haha.

Surely, these kids would react if we serve them the same Adobo for breakfast. Breakfast was served for the kids only. Guess what? We had adobo for breakfast but this time, its special. A microwaved Adobo served hot by the resort staff. 🙂

did you know?

the word “news” did not come from the word new as its plural form. it came from the first letter of the following words North, East, West and South. and the reason here is that, the information was being gathered from all different directions. what if we disarrange the letter, could be wens, snew or swen. hmm.. not a good news for us.