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Twister Fries Here!!

I just love Twister Fries period! And today is Saturday, are you ready for your order? I should grab Twister Fries now or my weekend will not be complete.

What’s more? There is no minimum orders at Mcdelivery, just a fixed delivery charge of P40 and this will be up for a limited time only.

Just call 8-McDO (or 8-6236) or go to www.mcdelivery.com.ph.

oh my cinnamon!

I started to love cinnamon roll when I first had it for snack one rainy afternoon in Goldilocks and it has been my favorite since then. Daughter came home today from their practice in school play and brought three cinnamon roll for us. She knew already my favorite. Do you smell the aroma of my coffee and and the sweet smell of my cinnamon roll? C’mon, have a snack with me!

Now I can blog in full comfort. =) I’ll blog hop later tonight. See yah!

craving for gelato

she was craving for gelato and so when we passed by in one store, I told her to just order sundae in near fast food area. but after dining in, she told me that she didn’t want any except gelato.

one scoop costs P90 roughly $2, way too expensive for one scoop!? (duh)

but how would you say no to this little girl craving for gelato. she ordered mint flavor and took her time in her own world in the..

midst of the busy hallway of the mall and didn’t care about passersby at all.. =)

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