Talent competition in a beauty pageant

Miss Universe 2012 is about to happen in Las Vegas, exactly 9 days from now. Beautiful ladies will compete in the most prestige beauty pageant in the world.

There is no talent competition in Miss Universe main event but before even joining, each of the contestants  showed their talent  in  their  home  country.  Usually, those who have talent in  playing musical instruments like  classical guitar  and   alto saxophone at music123   that  easily get noticed by the judges and win the talent portion.  Of course,  it is not merely the talent  when you join the competition but  the confidence  and the stage presence of the contestants that count the most.

The country’s representative  Miss janine Tugonon showcased her ballet moves during the competition in the country  while Miss Universe – Philippines last year,  Shamcey Supsup,  showed her  talent  by sketching a mother and child in a three-minute classical piece.  This year,  Shamcey will host the said  show in Vegas.

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