Technology for a Better Future

My PILs are very supportive financially and emotionally to my two daughters. They even sent money for my older daughter to buy a new cell phone to replace the one she lost  a few weeks ago. Instead of buying a new one, my daughter saved it until she comes up with her decision on what she really needs to buy. She appreciates all the love that her grannies give her and I am thankful because she knows how to spend her money wisely. She said that she never needs a luxury phone but wants a shuffle instead. I think that she is wiser now and knows her priority. She’s still into new e-device that can be useful in her studies and thinks that Cyber Week is the best time to buy a new gadget.

Technology rules out in this generation. I hope that the youth in today’s generation use the gadget positively now that they can’t really start the day without the necessary gadgets. If it would make them productive, why not support them using these tools for better future.


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