The Azkals and The Rugby Team

I watched the Azkals vs HKG game last night live via Studio 23.  What a nice game!   Good thing I have this  alarm  in  my calendar  and did not miss the event.   Like the Azkals,  I have an invite to watch  The Volcanoes but the place is  very inconvenient for me.  I was thankful though for the freebies that the PR company sent me.   They’re awesome.  I hope they send me an invite for Azkals too.   I surely I  won’t think twice when it happens especially when the national team is complete, of course  with  Shrocky and Etheridge.  Oh!  Yeah.  I’m a big fan and   I love Volcanoes too. I will post about the event  I attended  few weeks ago where the a  press conference is held for the Rugby Team.  I still remember the  team’s  controversial pose at EDSA half naked as they endorsed a certain product, so intriguing like  liquor or  cigars brand  but they  perfectly fit for a sports  wear  brand as they they possess well-sculpted muscular physique.


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