The Biggest Loser

Have you watched the show “The Biggest Loser” lately? I was amazed the other day because the contestants seemed to be very determined with their goal, to loose weight. Other participants even lose twenty pounds in the first weigh-in. A friend who is also a fan of the Biggest Loser has her own bet on who will be the winner at the end of the show. She is too fat but claimed that she only eats zero-fat food and diet drink but she still kept on gaining weight every week. She told me that she’s too jealous and wants to try adapexin and excited much to see the result.

Going back to The Biggest Loser show, I am rooting for Angela Lupango. She is desperate to loose weight so she could conceive a baby. Whatever, I dreamed of having the shape of Fitness Guru and Trainer of BLPE, Chinggay Andrada. She is an inspiration to everyone. Her well defined muscles give shape to her body. So much for the dream, I ‘ll just wait till the show ends and see who will be the winner for first edition of the Biggest Loser show on earth.

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