The Pizza of your Choice

Are you a pizza monster?  If you can’t stop eating pizza and you crave after another,  then you are a pizza monster or shall we define it less as pizza addict?   We usually spend our week with a slice of pizza.  Every weekend we would always call for a pizza delivery  or  place our order  online  for our favorite pizza  of  family size. We would avail  the available promo like  buy one and take another box  for free.   I always convince myself that it has vegetable ingredients like olive, cheese, pineapple and other  healthy food included in  the pyramid.

What  makes the pizza extra ordinary for you?  With pizza, you can just pick its ingredients according to your cravings.  You can just ask   how to make a pizza dough and next thing you’ll  know, you’re already starting to  get ready with your toppings of your favorite choice like  pepperoni,  pepper,  mushroom and cheese.  If  you opt for something different,  turn your favorite meal  like a steak  into a  pizza. Want more ideas? Have you heard of  Laing Pizza, Longaniza Pizza or  Pork Sausage Pizza?

Now,  think about something unusual  with mussels and other seafood ingredients. If you  have an allergy to such food,  then a vegetable  pizza is a good alternative. Put more mushroom and it’s good to go.  I love recipes that are just so easy to make. Your weekend would be  fantastic when you have a slice of  it.  Try it!   I sometimes think that a genius actually created pizza for everyone.  I made a little research about preparing pizza and basically preparing dough comes first before the toppings. Grillings of dough could be more fun  too instead of baking in the oven.   It  varies on  how you want  your pizza to be.   Put a little hot sauce of  your choice.  There’s a lot of brand to choose from on the market.

Get a slice of pizza while doing your movie marathon on a weekend. Remember not to overfed yourself for anything could really be harmful to your health  if you consume more than your  average daily requirement. Always settle for a red meat rather than white for this kind of meat contains less fat.   Always choose to add more  healthy toppings  of  different  vegetables  for  non guilty pleasures.



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