The Reality Show

Watching one of the auditionees in the reality show, XFactor, made me realize that there’s a lot  more  talents waiting to be discovered. I think that most of them already had voice lessons and know how to sing professionally. What I have observed is that, the production staff are  ready when there are talents that need some help or a   manhasset m48 music stand   as  they perform   with instrument at the same time.

Another auditionee named Kristine Ledesma is a Lounge Singer and her dream is to perform in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Also, the  brother of  Asia’s Romatic Balladeer  Christian Bautista  auditioned and he performed equally good, or should I say better than him.

Well not all of them passed the judges’ criteria.  Some are just auditioning for fun and some are really ridiculous but they still   received a standing ovation in spite of their funny performances. They are real refresher that balance the show and make the audience stay alive in the entire   program.

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