The Voice Update

Did you  watch  last week’s episode of  the  “The Voice?”    From day one, I got  hooked myself and did not miss a single episode of the show.  It gets more exciting every week.  They started  the real  battle  last weekend.  In this   round,  contestants will enter the ring  and sing off with another contestant.  The first pair who  who entered the ring  from Team Lea was   Mike Yonting also known as Mitoy  together  with  Chien  Berbana.  They  performed an amazing rendition of the song “Alone.”  I have been very vocal about my support and blogged  about  Mitoy   because I believe in  his talent.    He’s not only good in singing.  He  also  plays  different instruments  like piano and guitar.     In the video        posted online,  he  was     strumming  marshall 1936 2×12,  not sure though if  I  was right.  I was just fascinated with how he performed.   He has the  highest vocal range  like that of  a  woman.  If you are not a fan yet of  the show,  please visit their fan page  and  know more about  the contestants.  They’re all awesome!

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