The Weekend That Was

April was such a busy month for us. We’ve been out for four weekends but our summer getaway is not done yet, not until the rainy season starts.  Last week, we went to my husband’s hometown to pay respect to his aunt who passed away and attend a burial. We got a chance to meet other relatives whom we haven’t seen for a couple of years. It became an instant reunion of the whole clan except for husband and family who live abroad. This is the irony of life. I was supposed not to take a photo to but my intention was lost and became another event rather than console the grieving family. One tradition that has been running but I think that showing respect and comforting the bereaved matter them all.

After the sad event, we went to my sister’s house who lives in a neighboring town. I was dead tired and wish I have my own house to call my own in our province where I could have a chilling time when I needed to. I don’t mind if it’s one of the mansions or a nipa hut. All I wanted is a place where I could run around in my robe, throw away my dirty laundry in the floor or sit with my feet up in the living room. Instead of staying in my sister’s abode, we spent at the resort overnight about a few kilometers away. It was another brief albeit physically tiring weekend.

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