The X Factor Show Live

The “X Factor” Show is live while I am blogging this. Twelve contestants will perform on stage to their best. The contestants were divided into four categories;  the group, boys, girls and over 25.

The first  who presented was  under group category who performed Elvis Presley’s  “Jail House Rock.” The crowd gave a big applause while one of the judges commented that he wished he was the mentor of the group.  If you choose your own winner based on  the  audience applause,  you would say there’s already  a winner  at this point of time but  it’s too early to tell because there are still eleven contestants  waiting  to show their singing talents.

My bet from the start  is  KZ Tandingan.  She plays different organs and I  want  to see  her  to perform with fender deville  this time. She has a different voice quality though she admitted she got a problem with her throat.

Who is your bet?  I  guess  the mentors  and  judges  will  be having a hard time picking their own winner with  all  the  talented performers  tonight.

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