To my niece, congratulations!

I am so  happy that my niece finally graduated after five years of hard work in college. I was with her mom yesterday seated in the designated area and watched the entire graduation ceremony.  I sat beside her mom who was more than excited to see her marching on the stage.  We went home already late in the afternoon and headed in a nearby restaurant to celebrate the big event in her life.  I was just as happy as her mom.  She co-lives with me and I have witnessed how she became a dean’s lister,  burning the eyebrows to reach her dream of  becoming a degree holder with flying colors.  I think that she deserves only the best graduation gift and I am planning to give her one of the presents  from  the Personal Creations website.  I am just so happy for her.   She brings inspiration to all my nieces and nephews who look up at her as the eldest.  To  my niece, congratulations.

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