Wake Me Up Plunge

Waking up early is one of the  hardest things for me to do.  I  usually get  up in bed in half sleep state mind and proceed to kitchen to prepare breakfast for my children.  My day usually starts at 5 o’clock. In a cold morning, I sometimes wish  there is a pool nearby with  rheem pool heaters  so I could just  plunge  myself  in the water   to  wake up my senses.   No matter how early  I tucked myself into bed at night, still I find it hard  to wake up the next day. Isn’t it ironic?  At may age, I still want to sleep more than six hours.  No amount of coffee or energy drink  could keep me up in a day.  By the way,  I only drink decaffeinated coffee and  I guess that  also makes me sleepy all day.


4 thoughts on “Wake Me Up Plunge

  1. sigrid @ mamacooks

    ha! And I just thought I was the only one with this predicament. I slept before 12 last night and this morning, I could hardly get up. And to think that I don’t go to the office nor do I have to wake up for hubby or dindin to go to school. I wonder what will happen when Dindin goes to school? Maybe I should train myself.

  2. Ane

    and I thought starting my day at 7am was early enough! 😛 LOL! I find it difficult to rise in the morning as well as it can get very cold here in the morning and I never want to leave the comfort and warmth of my bed! 😛

    Happy to know I’m not alone! hehe 😀


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