Ways to lower your electric bill

If you want to save more from your electric bill, take care of your appliances well.  It will not only  give you  big savings at the end of the month  but also a  peace of mind when it works efficiently.  Eventually, your appliances will increase their lifespan.

Basic maintenance includes cleaning and repairing if there is a slight damage. One example of an appliance is electric fan.  If you notice that linear bearings need to be replaced, then do it right away. It will give a better performance  when it is in good working condition.  Keep it clean and switch only to desired airflow.

For refrigerator, clean the condenser coils regularly. Place the refrigerator at least two inches from the wall to give proper airflow and keep the compressor in stable temperature. This will help you save  the electric bill. Do not put warm food for it will increase compressor’s work to keep the temperature.

For air conditioner unit,  call for a maintenance once a year.   Clean the filter at least once a month and switch the unit only to your desired coolness.

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