We all need a good spa!

After all the pressures  that my two children went through these past few weeks, I think they both deserve a good treat. If they were both busy and still are,  I could say,  I am equally pressured too,  accomplishing documents for migration.  I think that  we all need a spa with  electric pool heater  to energize us and   have more  power   to face more challenges   to come.   After all,  we’re not done yet and only half way  of   what we’re going through right now.

We might try ace water spa on Friday for four hours.  It would be fun together with some  friends who also need some relaxation.  Surely,  it will work on me to  wake up my physical  body  and  destress  my  mind  from  unnecessary thoughts.   I shouldn’t mind them  at  all  but  why do they  keep  popping up  on my  thoughts.  Oh why, oh why?

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