What to bring during staycation

We  spent a  little vacation but not splurge much   as we stayed  in my friend’s house a few weeks ago.  It was spontaneous  nevertheless,   that vacation was  happiness overload.

What is staycation and what are the things you should bring during  this period of  stay?

A staycation is vacation you do at home or  a planned trip somewhere.   It  should not be  stressful  even if it is spent inside the house of a friend.   If  staycation is  in a hotel,  do not  bring towels and other things that  are not necessary anymore.   If you spend it somewhere like a house of  friend,  I suggest to bring  necessary toiletries,  undergarments enough for a day  or two  so as not  to stress  the host to provide you all  the things.

Last week,   we spent  a spontaneous  weekend in my friend’s house.  She provided us  everything  like towels, pyjamas, etc..   All those were brand new.   The next time we spend our vacation in their house again,  I guess it is just right that  I buy  the cheapest panties here  to replace all those that we used during our stay.   When another visitor stay in their house,   she has something to offer again and can be as hospitable as she is  like the way she treated  us.

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