What’s a Sport Anyway?

It’s one of those silly fights you get into with people from time to time. Yes, we all know that football, cricket, basketball, rugby, baseball, gymnastics, swimming, running, tennis, skiing, etc. are sports.

What about activities that have a physical element but don’t require a particular amount of sweat or strength. Most people think of golf as a sport, even if it’s sport you can do without breaking a sweat if you use a golf cart. What about pool and billiards? They certainly require a lot of hand-eye coordination.

What about a “sport” you can play while practically being in an iron lung, like poker? I mean, it’s on the sports cable channels, does that make it a sport? Dungeons and Dragons, because you have to roll dice? What about video/online games? Farmville, anyone?

Anyhow, I was thinking about that again when I learned that not only are legitimate companies manufacturing beer pong tables, but that there’s a world series of beer pong. Beer pong. Beer freaking pong. Here’s an example of one of the “professional” beer pong tables.


Okay, I admit, I can think of worse jobs than being a professional beer pong player using professional beer pong tables. But if this qualifies as a sport, I have to wonder it that opens the door to other drinking games. A world series of Quarters? Are there going to be professional Truth or Dare players? Okay, I guess that would be the guys from “Jackass” but that’s more “dare” than “truth” and I’m too squeamish to watch that nasty stuff.

What about the game “Bob”? It was the first drinking game I ever heard of and it consisted of watching and episode of the original 1970s “Bob Newhart Show” and drinking beer or, heaven forbid, a shot every time an actor on the show said “Hi Bob.” (You can try to play it with the second series starring the great deadpan comic, but since his character was named Dick Loudon, you may remain pretty sober.) Okay, at least we can agree that “Bob” is definitely not a sport. It’s barely a game.

But I still can’t get over the fact there’s such a thing as professional beer pong tables.

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